January 2018  
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Wallington sets tone for other players!
by Anna Brown (Union County News)

Union County High head football coach Bradley Adams says Jaylon Wallington sets the tone for other players that you can be who you are. Jaylon said his faith helps him put it all together. “It’s by the grace of God that I became saved,” said the Yellow Jacket defensive end, who is the son of Alyce and Bobby Wallington. “I was in my room one day. I had nothing to do. I decided to pick up a Bible and read it. Ever since then my life has not been the same. I didn’t want to be like the rest of the world. I wanted to be different. That is my testimony.” Football and faith can go hand in hand. Jaylon said he does pray on the field. Jaylon counts fellow church members at Tabernacle Baptist (Alison & Cyle Coker) along with Bryan Good and Deon Eason, with whom he went to high school, as good influences. Jaylon’s favorite Bible verses include John 3:30 and Acts 5:29.