May 2018  
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Tabernacle Baptist Church

Union, South Carolina



Like most small towns to spring up in the South, Union could not support the establishment of an independent Baptist church along the southern edge of the community. For a number of years, several denominations met in a building labeled the "Reading Room". Growth in the community ultimately did support the separation of the group into various denominations, and in November 1908, Tabernacle Baptist Church was birthed in Union.

Tabernacle flourished as its numbers grew and the programs of the church expanded. The first church building burned in 1958 and the current structure was dedicated on Easter Sunday 1959. The Family Life Center was added in 1978. During the 1970's and into the 1990's, Tabernacle recorded regular attendance in Sunday School and Worship of approximately 400 people who were led by the senior pastors and other ministerial staff members.

In 1999, the members of Tabernacle approved a two phase renovation project to the educational structure at a cost of just under 1.2 million dollars. At this time, the church expects to have this debt of approximately $76,000.00 completely paid by the end of 2017. The payment of this debt has shown the generosity of the Tabernacle family. Other recent renovations have been made by upgrading the sanctuary sound and audio systems. These changes allow Tabernacle to continue to work on building a relevant and vibrant ministry for an ever changing community.

Tabernacle has noted a decline in membership since the mid-2000's. This downward trend has also been paralled in the loss of residents in the community. Current attendance has held consistent at around 150 in worship. The annual budget for the church is $471,849.00.